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Goldbelt Security

Mission-Focused, Solutions-Based, 8(a) Certified

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Operation WARP SPEED/ COVID Response

Accelerating the COVID-19 Vaccination Process 

Goldbelt Security procured, imported, and delivered 500 million needle and syringes as part of Operation WARP Speed and the COVID-19 Response. The largest airlift since the Berlin airlift, we successfully fulfilled the requirements while navigating the logistical challenges that come with international shipping during a pandemic.

Goldbelt Security

Goldbelt Security is a products distribution and logistics company. As such, we provide a complete set of services and training to accompany the sale of all equipment. From security cameras to parachutes, we have the team that can help you select the item that best fills your team’s need; acquire the items needed to create an optimal performing suite of equipment; develop and support a maintenance package; and implement sustainment operations to ensure both your people and your gear are current and fully operational at all times.

Summary of Capabilities

Goldbelt Security is a products distribution and logistics company. We provide expedited procurement, state-of-the-art technology, shipping, freight forwarding and supply chain management, tactical training and vulnerability protection. Goldbelt Security offers mission-critical solutions with an accelerated timeline. Our creative security services are built for rapidly-evolving missions.

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