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Law Enforcement and Defensive Tactics Training

The Hicks Police Training System is a division of Goldbelt Security, created specifically to develop training programs and to teach law enforcement and military personnel the innovative and highly effective system of controlled physical manipulation, dynamic body movement, and targeted visual awareness.

Our program teaches the use of controlled, articulated force to rapidly and efficiently control any physically volatile situation. We employ a system of physical domination, focusing on the safety of the Officer, that is not dependent on pain compliance, but rather utilizes manipulation of the nervous and skeletal system. Every sequence of manipulation is controlled until the suspect submits; manifesting in reduced injuries to the suspect, greatly reducing instances of bystander grievance, and increasing officer survivability.

HPTS enhances:

  • Confidence in non-lethal use of force
  • Ethical and moral decision-making under stress
  • Confidence in policing any situation