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8(a) Sole Source Contracting

The 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) approved by U.S. Congress provided financial andland-distribution rights to Alaska Native Corporations like Goldbelt, Inc., Goldbelt Security’s parent company. Because of our status as a Certified 8(a) small, disadvantaged business, the government can award a sole source contract for up to $100 million per task order, and the award cannot be challenged. Sole source is a non-competitive purchase or procurement process accomplished after soliciting and negotiating. Sole source contracts expedite procurement and delivery of products and services and can be used when other procurement methods are not applicable or unrealistic.

Sole Source Benefits Include:
  • Shortened acquisition process
  • Reduced decision cycle, i.e. time required to award contracts
  • Lowered administrative costs
  • Improved delivery of products and services
  • Non-protestable awards

Team with Goldbelt Security and these benefits can extend to you as a partner company. Our experts are ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Contact Goldbelt Security today to set up your first consultation.

Start-to-Finish 8(a) Acquisition Process:
  • Quote requested
  • Goldbelt Security contacts the required OEMs and works out terms
  • Goldbelt Security provides quote
  • Customer issues a contract, T/O, or PO  
  • Goldbelt Security orders product
  • Product is produced
  • Goldbelt Security pays for the product
  • Product sent to customer
  • Customer receives the product
  • Goldbelt Security invoices customer
  • Goldbelt Security receives payment